Registration includes the initial month and the uniform. The after-school program of Shu Ha Ri Do encompasses all seven phases of the martial arts system, guiding students from the white to black belt. Following completion, participants advance to the black belt phases. Within this comprehensive program, students acquire skills in boxing, kickboxing, “Flex Fist Boxing,” grappling, and self-defense. The primary objective of Shu Ha Ri Do training is to instill in students potent principles of self-mastery, safety awareness, and “Wisdom Before Combat.” To enroll, follow the steps outlined below. Once registration is complete, proceed to the “online courses” section and undertake the “The Awareness Formula” online course. Alternatively, you can access the course directly through this link:


Shu Ha Ri Do Martial Arts is the home for, safety, awareness, discipline and wisdom before combat. Students will be taught a 7 phased martial arts program based on these exact concepts.

A healthy snack will be provided before class begins. Class will be conducted by Sigung G. J. Harris and his team of certified Instructors.

Cost of registration is $120 1st month and uniform is included as part of the registration cost.

The course Price is $20 per week total cost is $80 per month due by the 5th of every month.

After completing your payment for the program feel free to click the link below to take “The Awareness Formula” fee online course based on the book “The Awareness Formula” written by Sigung G. If you do decide to take the course please be sure to share the contents of this powerful free course with your family. 

Browse all that the world of Shu Ha Ri Do has to offer, books, merchandise, enjoy the free inspirational music, subscribe to the Shu Ha Ri Do Warrior Wisdom YouTube Channel, subscribe to the blog, listen to the Wise Dome podcast (temporarily paused), and take part in our online courses.


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