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  • Constant Combat Magazine 3

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    This is a special edition of over 50 pages , celebrating the 50th anniversary in the martial arts of Grandmaster and World Martial Arts Hall of Fame member Newton James. This Magazine features a timeline of his history in the martial arts, and articles from several of his high ranking students.


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    Shu Ha Ri Do “Flex Fist Boxing”. Punch harder, punch faster, without telegraphing, with this explosive, non-conventional and cutting edge boxing philosophy created by Sifu G. Harris. Shu Ha Ri Do Flex Fist Boxing features fundamentals of speed and mechanics that will increase the speed and precision of any boxer, martial artist, or fighter.


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    Inside the human body is an incredible God given power that is seldom mastered and easily manipulated by external influences. Unification of body, mind, and spirit, allows you to harness and channel this power in a Godly direction, this is the path to True Positive Self Expression. Within this book are formulas that will stimulate, provoke, and encourage you on your journey to self mastery under the will of God through Jesus. Learn about the power of True Positive Self Expression. Learn the vital concepts of Enemy becomes Ally. Learn why the concept of Self Empowerment Divine Endowment is the basis for it all.


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    The purpose for this manual is to establish in your mind a formula, to regain what has been lost in an artificial world where due to “pop culture” patterns, and other distraction we become more and more out of touch with this “lost thing.” You probably already have an idea what this lost thing is, however, allow me to say in advance that the animals have not lost it.

  • The Book of Hai Clue

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    Gary Jones Harris author of “Harness The Power Within and Without”, brings you yet another work of inspiration. The Book of Hai/Clue can be considered a verbal map for those seeking God in a dark world. Now that moral guidelines are becoming fuzzy, and wrong is becoming right, with precision this powerful book fortifies both biblical and ancient truths upon which human family structure has been built. Hai/Clue contains intellectual nuggets of rare and powerful wisdom that are being systematically watered down. The Book of Hai/Clue merges spiritual, scientific, historical, and cultural truths in a diverse delicacy of sublime wisdom. Prepare yourself to be awakened by the God inspired revelations of The Book of Hai/Clue.