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Many think that fast-twitch muscle fibers are the key to having speed in boxing. Have you ever thought this? I am sure you have seen Muhammad Ali, Roy Jones Jr., and the great Bruce Lee. Ask yourself a question, do you think they relied only on fast-twitch muscle fibers for their speed? The answer would be no. Each of these great legends developed their own training regimen that helped to enhance their speed and their power.

Flex Fist Boxing is an explosive, non-conventional and cutting edge boxing philosophy that is a core part of the Shu Ha Ri Do martial arts system. Flex Fist Boxing serves as a powerful compliment to conventional boxing, and features fundamentals of explosion and mechanics that will increase the speed, precision and craftiness of any boxer, martial artist, or fighter.

I have taught my Flex Fist Boxing concepts for over 25 years helping two students reach the pro level.  The key to elevation in any facet of life is repetition. I always say to my students “1000 reps for discipline, 10,000 reps for mastery. If you get your reps with my techniques I personally guarantee powerful results