Cave paintings…true or false? A MUST READ!


Below is a line of poetry from The Book of Hai Clue. This one is called…

Cave paintings…true or false?

It’s implied that they were only make believe, that what was painted

on caves was not really what was seen.

Whole cultures world wide with paintings that lied?

Were they proven true it would cause some to feel faint.

The true question is however, why would the ancients,

continuously paint, what ain’t? 

I have a biblical explanation

for this that will shock most.

      Anything that has a reputation of sneaking in and taking someone or

something without permission cannot be good.  So many have mentioned

terrible experiences. Who are they? Why does it happen to some but not all

people. What is the determining factor that keeps some safe and some not?

If you embrace “Warrior Wisdom” then part of your mission should be to

never “open the door” and expose yourself to being victimized in any way,

mentally, physically, or spiritually. If you have not seen all of my previous

articles I encourage you to scroll through the archives of the site and be

amazed at the vault of uncommon truth and wisdom you encounter. The

goal of this post is to stimulate thought. Please share yours below in the

comment section.



Hello my conscious people out there. This quiz is derived from “The Book of Hai Clue”. I call it the Hai Clue Quiz. In this quiz are questions that will reveal hidden truths. This quiz is the first of more to come. Are you aware, or as the youth call it “woke”? Take this 7 question quiz to test your level of awareness. The questions are simple, but the answers will amaze some of you.




Can you see better than a fly?

Meditate for a second on the incredible vision of a fly. 

A fly’s eye is made up  of what are called ommatidia

which are basically photo receptors that provide the fly with visual information about it’s environment. The average fly has more than 3300 ommatidia. Each ommatidia is like an eye unto itself. So in summary, what a fly sees is reproduced more than 3300 times. A fly’s vision is incredible.  So, here’s the question, if the fly could see the spiders web 

would he still get caught in it? With all that eye power why didn’t it see the web? Perhaps, the answer is because the spider is good at what he does. 

What are the webs woven around your life?

Can you see them at all?

Realize that the “spider” is good at what he does.

 If you ever were caught, and freed yourself from the “web” would you fly in that direction again? If so what could possibly entice you to continue the same self destructive flight pattern? What could be worth entrapping yourself again? If you did happen to free yourself be aware that you only barely escaped the web weaver. 

One mindset you must adopt in order to embrace the Shu Ha Ri Do Warrior’s Code is to learn how not to victimize your own self.

For deeper insights into my concepts for self mastery under the Kingdom of Heaven, preview my books here.




In the wake of the latest school shooting are left many grieving families, of

which I send my heart felt condolences. Truly, we live in a world where it is

hard to identify real threats, separate fact from fiction, or genuineness,

from agenda. So as we examine how this happened, why this happened, will

it happen again, and how we “act” after a “crisis” I propose embracing and

teaching as much wisdom to our children as possible.  Clearly, schools are

becoming a place of  high anxiety for children and parents.  I write this

today as an encouragement to all parents, that we are not powerless in this.

We have options. Perhaps home schooling for some, or private schools for

those who are capable. For so many of us neither of those are options.

What’s left?

Collective wisdom among students. Household to household I encourage

every parent to launch a focused campaign to teach their children even

better interpersonal skills, how to watch for signs of mental or emotional

distress among their fellow students, never to bully, or verbally abuse

classmates, and to advise teachers, counselors, and  principals, when they

observe any of those things. It is unfortunate that this has become the

climate. However,

adjustments must be made, and a big part of my philosophy is the

best way to deal with anxiety is to attack what you have control over.

Teaching and preparing our children is something we always have control

over.  I have written a tremendous amount about this subject in my book


I encourage everyone to get a copy of this book not just because I wrote it

but because what’s in it is information I have used to keep my family,

friends, and students safe.  My philosophy is unique, filled with profound

truths. To see several examples of this simply browse my post archives.

There is so much vital information in this book dealing with safety on every

level, work, home, vacationing, social media  and so much that will surprise

you because you have never considered it… Thanks for reading I pray for

safety and security for you  and your family.



Greetings everyone and thanks for visiting my blog.  As you can already see

Shu Ha Ri Do is a martial arts system that I created in 1998. There are many

unique as well as conventional things about Shu Ha Ri Do. One of them is

Flex Fist Boxing as you can see I call it the “Code of the Flexing Fist”. Why

do I call it that? First, it is actually a code of 5 different fist

placements/punches and pulling fists moving in a circular pattern.

However, not just “moving” in a circular pattern, but like the electrons in an

atom that actually disappear and reappear in a circular pattern so the fists

of Shu Ha Ri Do students in theory should do the same. Now, not that our

hands will actually disappear however, simply thinking this way and

visualizing an atom will cause quicker punches. In addition to the atom philosophy there are targeted drills that I teach in Flex Fist Boxing that increase speed tremendously. In competition everyone is looking for an edge, I know I was, my Flex Fist Boxing concepts are not a replacement for conventional boxing I teach that as well, I can tell you however, that these concepts will enhance your striking in a powerful way!

















Talk about attention deficit!




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The plain truth when it comes to self mastery, and controlling what happens in your life, and the lives of those you love.

In life things happen, temptations, mistakes, happen. However, it is very dangerous to make justifications for wrong behavior. It is even worse to endorse it making it seem right or OK. It takes courage to call things what they are without sugar coating or redefining them. Below I’ve listed 7 steps to encourage you in your efforts to keep things real!

1.  If you are not doing it, then do not follow popular culture by including your endorsement. It takes courage to be a leader not a follower, it is a lonely path.

2. If you will not teach your children to do it then whether it’s wrong, right, or best becomes crystal clear.

3. If you just so happen to be a teacher, or if

you could not imagine an elementary school teacher telling their students to do it then once again, what’s right becomes clear.

4. If society says kids are too young to smoke, drink, get drunk, get high, etc. because it’s dangerous behavior, and they are innocent. Then why in the world do we say as an adult it’s good or OK for us. Are we too old to be innocent, but old enough to be dangerous? Surely we see that being old enough does not provide any protection from the deadly results of dangerous/risky behaviors.

5. Speaking of deadly results, if you actually care about whether those results occur in your life even if it’s a 30% percent chance, why would you take the risk or endorse someone else taking the risk?

6. If you have seen what has happened to so many who engage in risky/dangerous behaviors that pop culture says is cool. Why would you take or endorse the risk?

7. If anyone has a mom, dad,  sister, brother, niece, nephew, wife, husband, daughter or son. Why in the name of Heaven would anyone endorse, or adopt such behaviors that put oneself and everyone they love at risk?

When it comes to your mental consumption, I encourage you to, “DINE SUBLIME”

Hello everyone, here is another thought provoking nugget of truth from The Book of Hai/Clue it’s called “Dine Sublime”.  Please share your thoughts, or epiphanies! Enjoy!

“Dine Sublime”

Can you see them? can you see the signs?

You can see them in movies, commercials, and daily life,

But the best way is to research ancient times.

Rest assured what you uncover will come under fire by cynical minds.

“The Word” (the sword of the spirit that is) I find,

confirms and is supported by history of all kinds.

People, places, times, events, cultures, and civilizations,

are all encoded within the lines.


Let the cynics remain,

with their thoughts maintained.

On historical truth I encourage you to dine.

Historical truth is sublime.

Forward vision is incomplete.

Hind-sight is where past and present meet.

Our society is now…

 However, true awareness
occurs when one questions
“What was then ?”

Or “what happen when?”

Not just “what’s happening now?”

So I encourage you dine sublime, and look behind,

For what’s behind always escapes the mind.


Historical truth like fruits and vegetables
should be the basis of our diet.


Nature's Sunshine Chlorophyll, 16 Fluid Ounce (Extra Strength)

The Benefits of

Chlorophyll are not

widely known. In this

post I just want to

highlight a list of the

the benefits of this

powerful plant “blood”


so that you can do further research on your own. One thing I will share

with you that I have learned about chlorophyll, is that chlorophyll and

hemoglobin are nearly identical! Just look at the chart below!Hemoglobin vs ChlorophyllThe only difference is that chlorophyll is structured around magnesium

and hemoglobin is structured around iron. If you swap the iron in

hemoglobin with magnesium it will become chlorophyll and vice versa.

Now who of us can say with confidence  this is not by DESIGN! This cannot

be understated, I  am amazed by this, because it has “intent” written all

over it. Clearly we are supposed to “eat green”  Just look at the living

moving cells of chlorophyll! No wonder it does “wonders” for  the body! Well, anyway,  I encourage everyone to look into this I take it daily and I

highly recommend it! Below are the list of benefits!

Speeds red blood cell production
Cancer prevention
Kidney stone prevention
Treats arthritis
Fights bad breath and body odor
Powerful antioxidant
Detoxifies the blood
Delays aging
Digestive health
Prevents insomnia
Wound healing
Balances acid/alkaline (incredibly important!)
Boosts immune system
Treats pancreatitis
Strengthens bones
Treats anemia

Self mastery the life long journey, follow the blue print!

More on self mastery from my book “Harness the Power Within and Without”.

The Mind

As you have just read the body is truly a marvelous machine however, like the influence the wind has on water so the mind has a similar affect on the body. Without wind bodies of water would not move they would not have a stimulus. We have all seen ponds that are still having no current.  Well the mind causes the current within the body.  Just as the mind causes the current that flows thru the body that current could very well be a violent or

uncomfortable current.  For example when faced with a difficult situation some have established a modus operandi of doubtful negative, thinking and thus react with;

  • nervousness
  • anger
  • despair
  • hopelessness etc.

now what are the tell tale signs of these emotions. How they make you feel physically right like;

  • cramps
  • indigestion

  • headaches
  • sweating
  • or rapid heart rate

remember what caused it all… the way you think.  Now, nervousness, anger, and the like are all natural responses to stress.  However you must not allow this to become a habit.  You must dedicate yourself to positive thinking, reinforced by positive learning and other positive influences.  The breathing technique I outlined for you is an example of positive knowledge; retrain yourself by using it to establish new stress response patterns.  What you know is not power until you use it and the type of knowledge is a critical issue.  In chapter 1 the mind is outlined as the part of the brain that deals with thought. The mind is also represented by a burst of light in the Shu Ha Ri Legacy symbol. Your positively empowered mind can light the path for the right way to “think feel & do” commit this to memory.  On the other hand a negatively empowered mind does just the opposite.  You can say that ignorance is bliss however what you don’t know or choose not to know can hurt you. You see we become victims of our minds by repeating the same response patterns.  When this happens you also become victims of circumstance.  Due to a circumstance or situation, that arises in your life you react the way you’ve trained yourself to react.  Only afterwards do you think to yourself I wish I would have…  If you harness the power of your mind you will be able to harness the power of circumstance.  A wise person once said life is 10% what happens to you and 90% your response or reaction to what happens to you. One of the major points I am trying to convey in this section is for readers to recognize that the power of the mind lies not in events, circumstances, situations etc. rather in our thoughts and choices.   So harnessing the power of the mind begins with positive thinking which is developed by positive learning/influences and recognizing the power of choice.  Previously I used an analogy describing the wind affecting water in a similar way the mind affects the body.  Water however, simply reacts to a stimulus we on the other hand can choose our actions there in lies the power given to us at creation…. choice.  I previously mentioned an empowered mind lighting the path, well let’s break down the analogy of light.  If your mind has not been empowered positively, or if you routinely allow negative circumstances, or situations to become your primary focus then these circumstances or situations can accurately be described as dark for you.  During these times the solution is obscure to you, during seemingly dark times our minds can keep us in the dark or as stated before light the path out.  The kind of knowledge we have acquired negative/dark or positive/light determines whether we are kept in the dark or brought into the light.  Negative knowledge seen as valuable to many in society is;

  • sexual immorality
  • manipulation techniques
  • being a clever cheat
  • showing no remorse
  • telling half truths, etc.

  • rage
  • slander
  • gossip

Examples of Positive knowledge is how to develop

  • good ethics
  • morals
  • values
  • innocence
  • honor
  • respect
  • courage
  • patience
  • love
  • faith
  • hope
  • trust

need I go on which list will you build your life, or the life of your children on.   When faced with dark or any other times which foundation would be more beneficial cheating ,or honor, manipulation, or respect, immorality, or morality, rage or patience, the choice is yours.  If you want your mind to light the way for your journey positively, then positive knowledge is essential.  We acquire knowledge primarily through what we see read and hear.  Some sources are;

  • TV
  • movies
  • books
  • radio
  • song lyrics
  • talk shows
  • family
  • friends
  • and environment

Do not underestimate the power and influence these things have on your mind.  Your mind is much like a computer.  Computers do what they are programmed to do.  So… who’s programming you? The major difference between humans and computers, like humans and water, though is choice.  So I say again take back the power of your mind by choosing or filtering carefully what goes through the eyes and ears.  For these very things become the thoughts which once they marinate with your vulnerable inner person or spirit will become your feelings, your passions, what inspires you.   Now just as the mind steers you, and lights the path, your feelings fuel you love, anger. passion, hate, these are internal matters which leads me to the spirit.

To get your copy of “Harness the Power Within and Without” click here!