Foolishness says the wise teacher!

I am surrounded by foolishness!

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on my worst enemy I don’t think I’d wish

this. A fool desires nothing around that’s

profound, let wisdom sound… and surely

he’ll toss it in the lost and found. Let

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the sisters ‘gossip’ and ‘slander’ rear

their ugly heads, and all fools rise

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together to take part in what is said. Let talk

of materialism take center stage, and no

fool worth his weight will turn that page.

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They all say “this fragrance, that car,

with these things I’ll shine like a

star! This jewelry, those shoes, what

first do I choose? Say one word about

God or his son, and oh! They are sure to poke fun.

Talk of honor, respect, or loyalty,

such things fools care not to hear or see.

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Never speaking, “they” have taught many that have “let” them lead.





Hidden wisdom of the Shu Ha Ri Do symbol





Now, the reason I say it is a man’s

world is because. Men have the most

 POWER to cause evil or good. What do

I mean? For example if you take the

strongest male and the strongest female

and placed them in a physical test of

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strength, speed, or combat, well,

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such a proposal would be considered

unfair. The reason is because men

are obviously stronger and faster. If you are in

your home at night and hear a noise

in your backyard no man would send

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his wife to investigate. When there

is a male suspect in a crime who is

violently resisting arrest, we do not

send female officers. So with that

being said these are only a few

examples of why I say it is a man’s world.


Because we as men have the power to

cause evil or good to other men, and

especially to women and children.

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We must learn to take responsibility

for that power. Realizing that our

influence whether good or evil matters.

We have only to look at the results of

powerful men who have chosen to live


their lives according to evil or good.

I won’t go into detail with a list of men

as I am sure you can think of several

good and evil ones on your own. I will

however mention the greatest “good man”

and hero of my life and that is Yashuah (Jesus).


You must become sensitive to the need

around you. The need for protectors,

guiders, advisers, teachers, heroes,


those who inspire, rescuers, etc. There

are many other categories however, if

you just look around, you can see the

need for yourself. Unfortunately, we

do have those who have chosen to

be predators, if this is you, realize


that  you too can change, you can be

different. You can become sensitive to

the people you you’ve targeted. You can realize

that you would not want it done to

your daughter, son, niece, or nephew.

You would want someone to rescue them

from someone like you. You can be that

person, right now! To EVERY man I

encourage you to develop a righteous

code of living. A code of loyalty, wisdom

honor, integrity, fairness, and faithfulness.

These are all things we would teach

our sons. These are all what we would

tell our daughter or niece to look for

in a man. You can be that man, that

example for them right now! Be

encouraged men, rise up and take

responsibility for the footprints you

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leave in the lives of people around

you. However you cannot do this

effectively without being patience. Being

able to pardon character flaws in others.

When you master the character flaws

in yourself, you will automatically be

more empathetic with the flaws in your

wife, son, daughter, sister, brother,

friend, neighbor, co-worker or an

antgonizer. It will give you a sense of

calmness, when you feel annoyed and

will definitely increase your power as a

person.  It will help you to develop a

“self mastery toolbox” for dealing with problems,

and temptations. I will give you some examples

of what I did to build my “self mastery toolbox”.

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My Tool Box

In 1990 when I was 19 I gave my life to

the Kingdom of Heaven. I then began

to study everything I could about a

righteous lifestyle, a Kingdom Lifestyle.

I studied everything I could about

human growth and development, the

mind, science, history, and the fight or

flight mechanism. I studied every type

of bible to get the full perspective I

copied the dictionary so that as I read I

could see more in the words. I spent hours

upon hours in the library pouring

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through books that expanded my

understanding of  people, cultures,

empires, and the disturbing genetic

history of Earth. I embraced a life of

celibacy for 6 years until I was married.

I taught hundreds of people throughout

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this period. Obviously that number has

only multiplied tremendously. During this time I

practiced martial arts obsessively to

discipline my mind and body. It aided me

in walking the path I was walking.

This all culminated into my

creation of Shu Ha Ri Do in 1998.

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So why am I sharing this with you? To

let you know that it can be done.

You can become a righteous, and

powerfully influential person on this

Earth even if it is just one person.

Your footprints in peoples

lives can be constructive and not

destructive. You can develop a

“self mastery toolbox” that will allow

you to  9 1/2 times out of 10 make wise

decisions. You will then see clearly

how you can be a protector, guider, adviser,

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teacher, hero, one who inspires, or a

rescuer. You can become this without

doing everything I did. You do not have

to be what I am. However, you can be

what God meant for you to be on this

Earth which can be even more! There is

a blue print for what I am saying found

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in the bible. With it and other comparable

knowledge you can build yourself into

a veritable:


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So… I encourage you to join me mentally,

and emotionally in embracing

true manhood and applying it physically

wherever you are. It can start right now!

It is up to you.




Before I get into the core of this article I would like to say that

biblically speaking there are some who are worthy of our

honor automatically, and they are:

  1.  Elders
  2. Father and Mother
  3. Husband and Wife
  4. Leaders/Teachers

Although, who to honor is important

why to honor them should be clearly defined.

I feel this way because modern vision is becoming a little

bit blurry about honor. It seems that many take for granted

those who are worthy of honor. This kind of

attitude leads them to becoming ungrateful

for the honorable people in their lives as well.

With that being said lets briefly examine each group.


Job 12:12 Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?

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We have all heard the cliche’ “respect your elders”

well, I see more and more youth giving little honor

to elders when they speak. I see more and more flippant

attitudes toward elders as if there is nothing to learn

from their experience. This is troubling because when

it comes to family structure in older times elders maintained

very important “time tested” traditions. An elder will

definitely possess some knowledge of a “proven principle

or practice” that makes things in one’s life go easier.

So, to outright discard what they have to say is

simply foolish.

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Father and Mother

Ephesians 6:2 “Honor your father and mother” which is the first commandment with a promise

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Well, being a father I can tell you I have fought to maintain

old time traditions in my home, and my children know all

too well what I expect and deserve as a parent. However,

once again I see so much dishonor shown to parents everywhere!

It’s constantly shown on TV and in movie scenes i.e. the disrespectful

mouthy daughter who tells her parents off and storms to her room.

Or the son who intimidates his mom into submission.

Spanking aside, it has gotten to the point

where many parents feel guilty about having to

discipline their children in any sort of fashion. It should be clear

in the minds of children that mom and dad work hard for them.

It should be clear that having a home, entertainment, food,

clothes, and hope for the future is a privilege provided by parents.

It should be clear that parents face pressure daily of providing,

nurturing, inspiring, trusting, building, teaching, praying,

loving, being hurt, etc. So, dishonoring a parent,

is to forget about and take for granted the magnitude of what

parenting really is.

Husband and Wife

Hebrews 13:4 Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage

bed be undefiled.

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This is an area that is incredibly vital. Vital because it is

the beginning of human family structure. Without honor

among husband and wife there is chaos in the home

starting at the root. Both parties must understand this,

unless you are in an abusive relationship, or criminal elements

present, or there has been infidelity, you really

have to maintain your gratitude in spite of temporary annoyances.

In a good relationship there will be problems to

deal with however, you should never make a

permanent decision over a temporary emotion.

I see it like this, you get so much from a good relationship like:

  • Hope and vision for the future
  • Self esteem
  • Protection/safety
  • Friendship
  • Love and affection
  • Fun
  • Direction
  • Admiration
  • Adoration
  • Appreciation

It is for those reasons and more that I can only honor

my wife. In spite of any difficult time that may arise

I always view things through that prism and my vision

remains unblurry. I must also say that the modern day vision

is becoming more and more hostile toward marriage . Many

outside of marital confines do not honor the sanctity of marriage and

monogamous relationships. (and I am not talking about a marriage license

I’m talking about a true union of two souls) many actually seek to

violate and dishonor those confines if they have an opportunity.

So, I encourage every person in a committed relationship

reading this to remember to guard your marriage like

a mother grizzly guarding her cubs, and honor each other

over everyone else.


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Who is a leader in your life? Who has taught you vital concepts?

Do you recognize them? Do you honor them? What have you

gained from their impact on your life? As a leader and teacher

myself I can tell you sometimes it is a thankless

experience.  A few times, I have even had those who

have become powerful people because of my impact actually

give off a judgmental vibe as if I owe them more somehow,

or a couple of times disrespected me unapologetically.

Now, someone doing this to me may seem unheard of to those

who know me personally, but it only highlights the reality of

what I am saying. The natural feeling would be hurt, or

anger however, truthfully I do not do what I do for thanks. I do what

I do because I can, because through intense personal study,

many powerful, mentors, creativity, and leading by example

I have the power and influence to do it. As the cliche’

goes with great power comes great responsibility.

At some point those whose vision has become

blurry as to your value or worth will see in HD again.

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Remorse later in life is a good teacher for some.

I encourage everyone  reading to think about the leaders

and teachers in your life, those uncommon people

whose impact you may have taken for granted. Be sure to give them

the honor they deserve for the role they played in your life. If you

yourself are a leader or teacher and you can relate to feeling

dishonored at some point by those you love and influence remember

this word, VALUE. Affecting someones life by teaching

and leading by example will always be valuable whether

they honor it or not! Always remember this and you will

be able to overlook those who have forgotten your value or have

taken it for granted.  Perhaps they must learn from

remorse later on in life as they remember you

and others who have shaped them.

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1st Timothy 1:3-16 The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task. Therefore an overseer must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not a drunkard, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money. He must manage his own household well, with all dignity keeping his children submissive, for if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God’s church (people)? …

In this article I included scriptures, in most of my articles I do not, but only give hints. My goal is to get people to think in terms of relationship with God, not religion, not “church building” or rituals, but lifestyle. Living a Kingdom lifestyle organically without all of the formalities. What does that look like?  There are certain principles of right and wrong that we are born with, that the creator put in us. It is my goal to gently encourage the righteous code that has guided my life for the last 28 years.