In this video I share what motivated me to create a martial arts system. I can tell you that it was not planned, it just kinda happened. Since 1998 I have had the honor of teaching over 700 students, running an online talk radio show, being a guest on FM, and AM radio shows, as well as appearing in a local newspaper. I am very humbled by what God has created in me and that I have had the heart to pursue self mastery under the Kingdom of Heaven in my life, and to teach it to others. With that being said enjoy the video and please don’t hesitate to share, and subscribe.



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Generating power for striking II

In this video I show the first stance my students learn.
Although in styles many of us have trained in like Muay Thai,
MMA, etc, start in a fighting stance. I utilize the Man Sau
stance to teach my students how to generate power from the
ground without turning their shoulders.

Generating power for self defense striking

A short video showing parts of the Shu Ha Ri Do evolution

Greetings everyone in this video are scenes from the 20 year history of Shu

Ha Ri Do. It is my hope  that I can inspire you with my blog through

uncommon wisdom wisdom and truth, and video clip from my training

sessions. As many already know a big part of Shu Ha Ri Do is the code of

ethics which can be summarized as Self Mastery under the Kingdom of



A big part of Shu Ha Ri Do training is found within the speed and explosion of techniques. I show a small portion of the science behind what I mean in the  video below.

Phase 4 Animalistic Techniques The Fury of The Birds


In Shu Ha Ri Do, there are 7 phases in this video I share concepts from the animalistic phase, level 3 “The Fury of the Birds”. The form you see is one of several original forms in Shu Ha Ri Do. I call these forms COMS, short for COMBAT MANEUVERS.


Inspiring Shu Ha Ri Do training in nature video

Two of my recently promoted Sisooks (apprentice instructors) working Shu Ha Ri Do Gold belt techniques.  Tai Sisook Cam, and Shen Sisook Trent embody the true essence of the Shu Ha Ri Do Code.


What is Shu Ha Ri Do?

What is Shu Ha Ri Do?

Shu Ha Ri Do is a complete martial arts system created by me Sifu G. After Spending years of training in Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Wing Chun, Wresting, Judo, Jeet Kune Do and other systems. I created the Shu Ha Ri Do martial arts system in June of 1998.

This all just happened it was not planned. I had no indication before it happended that I would create Shu Ha Ri Do.

I devoted hours upon hours upon hours to the study of martial arts, human anatomy, strategy and Tsun Tsu principles in “The Art of War”, The Book of Five Rings, and Bruce Lee philosophy. When I was not in a dojo I would spend at least 15 hours weekly in a library or book store absorbing information. I did these things because I constantly had questions and an unquentiable thirst for mastering combat scenarios mentally, physically, and spiritually. I visited dojos often just to cross reference what I was learning.

All of this information reached a critical mass for me in June of 1998. I simply gave birth to this “thing”, this life changing philosophy I called Shu Ha Ri Do. I structured Shu Ha Ri Do into a 7 phase system with 3 levels per phase.

Why did I choose the name Shu Ha Ri? Shu Ha Ri has a 3 part definition: The 3 stages that one takes through the martial arts, from simple imitation, to development of one’s own style and personal development in the martial arts. This is the pathway to how I created Shu Ha Ri Do. It is a pathway to self mastery mentally, physically and spiritually and thus is the pathway I teach.  Self mastery is a life long journey not a destination. As a Christian I have used the principles of Shu Ha Ri Do as a tool to master patterns of a discipline life guided by the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Guard your passions, they shape you!

An eye opening excerpt from my book “The Book of Hai Clue” poetic nuggets of truth. I wrote this book to expose powerful hidden wisdom for the warriors seeking/walking the path of truth. Today’s title is…

Guard your passions


Give it a nice rhythmic beat

And they’ll surely not see the deceit


Provide a nice tune

Or conceal destructive concepts in songs, movies, and cartoons

And they’ll consider it harmless all too soon.


Stir the passions through media and song

And before too long


Passion blinds rationale

right or wrong.

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