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For true love and relations

Two must have great communication

For this to commence

Two must embrace innocence

(see bottom for more explanation #1)

For communication cultivation

At least one but better two

(see bottom for more explanation #2)

Must assess tense situationsImage result for RELATIONSHIP CONFUSION GIF

Rationally and objectively

Not emotionally or oppressively

Recognizing that thoughts are elective

That two will many times will

Have two perspectives

(see bottom for explanation #3)

It is in this fact

That two must make a love pactImage result for HUSBAND WIFE fist bump

That no matter the perspective

No matter the test

Together through Godly knowledge

Both will find

What’s true,

What’s Godly,

What’s right,

What’s best.

(see bottom for more explanation #4)


Explanation #1 “Innocence”: You must approach solving problems in your

relationship with an innocent heart. There can be no actions based on

putting your mate down, or trying to rob them of self esteem. Or anything

intentionally negative. There also must be faithfulness, you cannot expect

there to be good communication if you are violating the commitment

between the two of you.  If you are doing any of this your are part of the

problem. It is already hard enough to see the negative things that are done

unintentionally. So if you care about your relationship don’t violate the

commitment and never be an antagonist or pessimist intentionally.

Explanation #2 “At least one but better two”: Many times it can be difficult

to be solution oriented in emotional situations. This is where at least one

person must be the captain of the ship to keep it from sinking, until the

other can see clearly to start helping. This goes back to innocence it is easier

to convince someone to help you fix the communication problem if you are

not being part of the problem. Your relationship should be a bond of loyalty,

protection, self esteem, hope, future, and family. If you have found

someone worthy of building with and you both see the value, then it should

be mutually understood that four hands work better than one.

Explanation #3 “Two will many times will have two perspectives”: This is a

simple but very vital concept. So far we have established the idea that you

have found someone worthy of building with and it’s mutual. Well, just

because there is a difference in perspective it does not have to become

emotional, if it does that emotion does not take away all of the goodness

that you once saw in the person. You have to understand that you both are

still good people having a misunderstanding about a subject, perhaps where

the kids are going to school, or what church, or what pass-time, etc. If you

are having a disagreement about cheating or flirting then your problem is

much bigger. However, if faithfulness is still in tact then you can move

forward easier and deal with the problem rationally and objectively.

Explanation #4 “What’s best”: Now this is a very elusive item to discover.

There is a process to discovering what’s best. A blueprint you can use is one

that has worked wonderfully for me in my relationship, and it is, using the

guidelines of true, Godly, and best.

WHAT’S TRUE: First of all when you look for what is true argument, and

emotion should cease. For example, in context, it is true that yelling is

destructive, we learn that in elementary school. So unless you are dealing

with an “intentional antagonist” you should be able to come to an

agreement on that rather easily. It is true that insults are destructive which

could cause someone to lash out and yell so either side should know that

they are doing damage to the relationship if they do it.

WHAT’S GODLY: We know that God loves us immensely, in fact he is love

personified. We have only but to think of him and it should motivate us to

treat our wife or husband with the highest level of respect, commitment,

and love. Thinking of what is Godly or what God would do should keep us

motivated to being solution oriented.

WHAT’S RIGHT: Finally, we know that remaining calm, being  grateful for

our wife or husband, focusing on the good, not being antagonistic or

pessimistic are all the  is the right things to do so these thing should always

be on our minds, in our hearts, and in our actions. Try using this blueprint

in you relationship fill in the blanks or “right, godly, or true” as it relates to

issue you deal with and watch how it become a little easier to find the


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