Step one in the pathway to Self Mastery under the Kingdom of Heaven.

Hello everyone in this post I am providing an excerpt from my book “Harness the Power Within and Without”.  In HTPWW I present powerful Shu Ha Ri Do concepts for self mastery under the Kingdom of Heaven. The symbol you see on the home page is a visual example of these concepts. The light burst represents the mind, water represents the body, and fire represents the spirit. More to come on the symbol in future posts!

The Body

The goal of this chapter is to increase your awareness and appreciation for the three parts of our existence.  In this chapter I will list some of the challenges facing us physically, mentally, and spiritually, and how to use these challenges as veritable firewood to light your inferno within. I will begin with the body, the body is influenced by what we do as stated in the body outline, whether we exercise or not, eat healthy or unhealthy, breathe deeply or shallow.  For example, I previously listed some of the systems of the body.  Well, quality of breathing and thoughts directly affect these systems.  Exercise or a lack thereof also has a profound affect on harnessing the power of the body.  Concerning, exercise your focus should be on flexibility, tendon strength, and muscle tone.  Physical training concepts will be covered further in the Shu Ha Ri self defense training manual.  A normal diet should consist of more fruits and veggies than anything else, which aid in blood circulation, absorption, digestion, and elimination.  Among the many health precautions, keep in mind that in ancient Africa it was known that death begins in the intestines.  According to the ancients we must be vigilant to keep them healthy, through frequent consumption of fiber like Psyllium Husk, or Wheat Grass, as well as intestinal cleanses.  In addition, regarding the body’s systems, when you become fearful or angry all the energies of your body flow together instantly for the purpose of self preservation science calls this fight or flight.

A basic Illustration of fight or flight                     


Simplistically with fight or flight your body prepares itself for standing its ground or escaping. However you describe this process you become stronger than normal.  One of your primary goals as a human being should be to develop the ability to control this process at will.   This can be achieved through breath control, a major part of meditation, remember breath rate rather fast or slow directly affects all functions of the body.  Whether your heart rate, adrenaline, and blood flow increases or decreases is affected by breathing.   In the martial arts we can call upon what’s within to get the body to perform a certain act with devastating power and precision.  We can also bring the body into an absolute state of peace and tranquility.  In martial arts terms we call this energy chi or ki, the.  This energy can be harnessed and channeled into any challenge physical, mental, or spiritual.  Self mastery concerning the body continues to evolve when we become aware of and appreciate the body and its power. Your awareness regarding the power of your body, will give you calmness and a confidence when faced with physical, mental, or spiritual/emotional challenges. There are many breathing exercises that you can employ to harness this power.  There are two that I use routinely and have had much success with. In this exercise you are training the body to be calm on your command.  When you remain calm you can gather everything within you together as you see with the fish in the illustration. Or you can become anxious and scattered, the choice is yours.

For calmness, and introspection

  • Take one deep breath in through the nose
  • Exhale through the mouth very slowly
  • Expel all the air from your lungs
  • The longer the exhalation the better the results
  • Try to make your exhalation last for at least 30 seconds or a minute

For Intensity and focus

  • Inhale deeply through the nose
  • Exhale at medium speed.
  • All the air in your lungs should be expelled in 10 to 15 seconds.

In this exercise you are conducting somewhat of a body systems fire drill.  Summoning your inner power and realizing how your body really does respond to this exercise builds confidence.  Doing both exercises twice a day is sufficient.  Another factor to consider when harnessing the power of fight or flight deals with your previous actions.  You are aware of right and wrong, you know if your previous actions are right or wrong.  Guilt, remorse, or innocence may not set in until you are in a fight or flight situation.  You may not have any thoughts at the time but the feelings of remorse, guilt, or innocence, may affect whether you fight or flee.  Guilt, and remorse have an immobilizing affect because in the heat of the moment deep inside you feel that you may have some how caused what is now facing you.  On the other hand, innocence promotes a feeling of righteous indignation, which impels, or stimulates you to fight for your rights.  Innocence is a power within that you should always have on your side with innocence you are clear minded and free of anxiety. Now that you have a practical grasp on how to harness the power of the body’s systems I would like to present you with a little imagery.  In the Shu Ha Ri Do Symbol the body is represented by water.  What are the attributes of water?  Its calm it’s cool.  However based on the stimulus it can flow rhythmically or

crash violently, water can be vaporous like steam or solid like ice.   Its versatile it reacts instantly, overtime it will dissolve anything its perfect.  To quote the ultimate inspiration in my life Jesus said he is the living water.  To quote another inspiration in my life Bruce Lee said we should be like water, be like water indeed when faced with any challenge in life reacting with sound judgment should be your goal.  At times the body could be spurred into action quite impulsively, like when in a verbal or physical confrontation. This is when mistakes, sometimes costly ones are made.  What spurred you into action?  Your mind of course, the good thing about the bodies relation to water is that it reacts to stimulus the bad thing can be just that, it reacts to a stimulus.  What type of reaction depends on the morals, ethics, values, and condition response patterns established in our minds.  We are accountable for what we do through our bodies it starts with how we think.




Swords Of The East

Books by Sifu

Four of my books feel free to click on the covers for more info!

In this book I cover practical techniques for self master/self discipline under the Kingdom of Heaven.

The book above is all about hidden scientific, biblical, and historic truths in poetic form. I must that it is in “no way” a one time read. It should be viewed as a book to research and study. I would even go as far as saying you should google the words and phrases that stand out to you. It is my promise that you will be amazed at what you uncover in this book I guarantee it!


In the above book I reveal my original yet simple formula for awareness. You will learn that there are things humans do daily in mindless manner that expose them to many threats.

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Guard your passions, they shape you!

An eye opening excerpt from my book “The Book of Hai Clue” poetic nuggets of truth. I wrote this book to expose powerful hidden wisdom for the warriors seeking/walking the path of truth. Today’s title is…

Guard your passions


Give it a nice rhythmic beat

And they’ll surely not see the deceit


Provide a nice tune

Or conceal destructive concepts in songs, movies, and cartoons

And they’ll consider it harmless all too soon.


Stir the passions through media and song

And before too long


Passion blinds rationale

right or wrong.

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Ever wonder why nature stirs our spirits so profoundly?

Hello everyone in this post I have included an excerpt from my book “Harness the Power Within and Without” regarding how to build the spirit. At the bottom of the page I also included a video from a day I spent at the beach detoxing and building my spirit, connecting with God in the natural.

The spirit is represented by fire in the Shu Ha Ri Do symbol it is the largest part of the symbol as it is the largest part of us.  The spirit what is it?  And how can we build it? Your spirit is what fuels you it’s the passion, it’s the inspiration, you feel every time you see;

Image result for mountain

  • a mountain
  • watch a sunset
  • walk through a forest
  • see a waterfall
  • watch the clouds etc

Image result for sunset

being so stirred in our spirits by creation is no coincidence.   Nature inspires us and the word inspire is derived from the word spirit.  This connection to the natural energizes, or recharges us. This is why people say they need to get away or go on vacation.  They go;

  • camping in a forest
  • hiking up a mountain
  • swimming at the beach
  • sailing
  • or nature walks in the park

this is the epitome of positive inspiration.  Meditation and introspection are most effective at these times.  It is during these times that people also have moments of clarity, or epiphanies, what’s true right and best become clear just like Moses on Mount Sinai.  If we agree on who is responsible for nature then we know who is speaking to us during those moments of clarity.

Just a little food for thought to encourage everyone to see the design, and intent in the details of this life we live. I hope you found my post useful and inspiring!




An excerpt from my book, “The Book of Hai Clue” please share your thoughts on this poetic nugget.

Never speaking they have taught many that have let them lead.

The noisy one Should only make noise with the counsel of the silent ones.

Image result for blabbermouth gif

Or shall I say the silent two.

Repeated heeding of their counsel makes one enlightened, not frightened, awareness level only heightened.

Reality from enlightenment and awareness delivered by the twins, never speaking they have taught many who have let them lead.

Many though, resort to the quick fix, the instantaneous gratification of the noisy one.

The noisy one thrives on zeal without knowledge fervor without counsel.

Who is this noisy one?

Well he is known in most circles as the mouth, some call him tongue, Saying of him that he’s “quick at himself”.

tongue GIF

And these counselors these silent twins.

Who are they?

They have been humbly known as Ears

Image result for 2 ears

What is there primary message? Enlightenment + Awareness=Reality = EAR.

How to achieve consciousness, master this method…



How humble are you can you learn from a caterpillar?


Hello everyone this a video excerpt from one of my books titled “The Book of Hai Clue”.  A caterpillar can teach you a lot, what do you think please share your thoughts on this poetic nugget of truth.

Shu Ha Ri Do Kung Fu Mixed Martial Arts.

Self Mastery is a process…




Some of what we must consider when it comes to self mastery is, how do we learn? What are the results of thoughts? What are the results of actions?
Well, the process for self mastery goes like this. What you read, listen to, watch, or take part in continually will become your thoughts, or what you think about doing. Your thoughts will become what you feel, what your passions are, what your ambitions are, and are driven by. Your passions will become your actions, believe it! Now, here is where it gets even more serious. Your actions will become your habits, your habits will become your character, and your character will become your destiny, where you arrive. Becoming is not a coincidence, it is a process. Learn how we become who we are and master the process. My motivation for self mastery is to represent the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth as best I can. Applying and teaching wisdom and fighting the good fight.

Shu Ha Ri Do Warrior Blog Mission

Greetings everyone I am Sifu G. Jones Harris or Sifu G  I am an author, speaker and the founder of Shu Ha Ri Do. I created Shu Ha Ri Do in 1998.  Mygoal is to inspire as many as possible with my powerful concepts for self mastery under the Kingdom of Heaven. I will be sharing a great deal of information in this blog. Topics will include mental, physical, and spiritual truths, original concepts on safety and awareness, powerful martial arts techniques, and so much more. I am confident that you will find my blog very useful, feel free to subscribe and comment!