Unfortunately in our society unreasonable

standards are placed on women

regarding what they look like and

how they dress. This I feel creates a

hostile culture for women I will explain

“hostile” at the end of this article.

Think about it, society pressures women to:


1.Arch their eyebrows 

2.Paint their eyelids

3.Alter their eyelashes

4.Coat their faces

5.Paint their lips

6.Color their hair or put in extensions 

7.Alter their breasts 

8.Alter their stomachs

9.Alter their buttocks

10.Wear painful shoes in an effort to look prettyImage result for WOMEN and painful shoes

11.Paint their nails

Image result for toe nail paint

12.Wear “baby” tees, tight or form fitting, low cut, high cut, or short cut,


All for what? To keep up with, or

compete with other women or to get the

attention of men. Here is a secret for

women, men will look at you anyway,

because they are attracted to you.

All of the extra things can create a high

degree of lust in the mind of a predator,

especially when it comes to sexually

suggestive or revealing clothing.

so be aware when you go out that men will

notice a pretty or classy woman no

matter what she is wearing. Moreover,

all of that seems like a lot of work to

me, and somewhat of a burden on the

minds and hearts of women.

Especially when us men do not experience

this kind of pressure at all.

In addition, although some men do put

pressure on their women to conform,

from what I have learned the worse

pressure comes from other women themselves!

This is what I mean by a

“hostile culture”. Women are

brutally critical of each other

to the point of some women suffering

from anxiety or depression because of

the pressure to conform. I have a

high level of sympathy for women.

However, with all of that being said.

At some point daughters will be

introduced to this and the cycle continues.

How do we break the cycle and

redefine what it means to be beautiful

or attractive from a more natural,

realistic, and rationale perspective.

It is also even more important to keep

our daughters from growing up into

this “hostile culture” to soon. For

example, we have all seen little girls

having a face full of makeup, or

dressing a little too sexy or

revealing more than they should.

Image result for little girls shouldn't wear makeup

A good question to address with children

is when is the proper age to start

dressing the way society pressures grown

women to.  If you think about it

from the perspective of a little girl

facing this in school, or being

approached by a predator, the benefit

of redefining beautiful, or attractive

from a more natural perspective becomes

even more clear. Here is my 4 part

summary on the matter. I encourage:

  1. Natural hair, anything other than that, be reasonable and DO NOT, attach your self esteem to it. IT’S NOT REALLY YOURS.
  2. Natural skin, if make up is used let it be reasonable, and DO NOT attach your self esteem to it. IT’S NOT REALLY YOURS.
  3. Reasonably feminine attire, that makes you feel good
  4. Regarding body shape, before you alter yourself with an implant, do everything you can to work for the body you want, you gain so much more as a person. If you do decide to go for an implant ask yourself “why am I doing this” do you have a reason that’s not shallow or based on societal pressure? If you do it you are most probably attaching your self esteem to it, but here is a reminder anyway, IT’S NOT REALLY YOURS.

What is your summary or solution?

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your insight on the matter. Also please

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As some are aware, in Shu Ha Ri Do there

is a CODE of ethics that should

govern how a student lives. This CODE

has biblical implications. In short

doing what is “right” is the core of the

CODE. Although everyone has flaws,

no one should allow discouragement from

a struggle to take root and cause

them to give up. Self mastery is a life long journey.

So long, as you continueRelated image

to consume righteous content, which

will promote righteous thoughts,

emotions, actions and habits, your

character and destination will become



Below is an excerpt from a compilation

I recently came across called,


What the author writes I feel accurately

describes how I feel about self

mastery under the Kingdom of Heaven

and the footprint I and my students

leave in the world.



A clear and firm head must precede

and accompany a clean and gentle

heart. Without the first the second is

impossible, for the qualities of purity

and gentleness can only be reached

through a clear perception of RIGHT

Image result for right and wrong gif

and WRONG, and by the exercise of

an irresistible will. The strength of a

powerful animal, or of that animal

force in man which enables him to gain

the victory over others by attack and

resistance, is weakness compared with

that quiet, patient, invincible will by

which a man overcomes himself, and

tames to obedience, and trains to the

service of holy purposes, the savage

passions of his nature. Every dog can

bark and fight, and every foolish man

can rail, abuse, fence with hard words,

and give way to fits of bad temper;

these things are easy and natural to

him, and require no effort and no

strength. But the wise man puts away

all such follies, and trains himself in

self-control—trains himself to act

unerringly from fixed principles

(CODE), and not from the fleeting

impulses of an unstable nature.


Need I elaborate on this? This is what

most moms want their sons to be, and

who most dads would want their daughters to marry.

This CODE I have embraced has taken

TIME and PATIENCE to foster in myself, such a CODE is

what I teach and live by, making

the Kingdom of Heaven proud.

Image result for patience

Watch the signs…



Image result for eyes watching gif

Such warnings in the Godly text we’ll find,

Image result for scroll

Can you see the symbols?

Image result for symbols and signs rule the world not
Can you discern the signs?

You may, with mind un-tempered, by societal guidelines,

You see,

Symbols and signs

Seen simply with eyes

Have societal alibis

Image result for sheep eating grass gif

Those seen through a spiritually educated mind

Tell the story of what’s to come, and

Most importantly, the meaning behind.



Thanks for reading everyone, I write this to encourage everyone to look

deeper into things that may not seem to be what we have been told. You will

find many times that things are not what they seem to be, that what you

thought was innocent and harmless is not at all innocent. Have the audacity

to look passed the “alibi” or “definition” given to you your whole life and

you’ll be amazed at what you uncover. Thank you for reading please

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Cave paintings…true or false? A MUST READ!


How humble are you can you learn from a caterpillar? Part II sort of…



I posted an audio version of this article. However, I decided to re-post this content in written form as some learn better by reading. So many in life are struggling with various things that serve to cripple their self esteem, and faith. In this Hai Clue I want to draw attention to the process of becoming. In God’s creation there are many clues to how things become what they will be. As human beings we must not engage in self destructive actions and trust the process. Being a willing participant in our spiritual growth guided by the hand of God is incredibly important. There is a hidden clue in the title below, can you figure it out? If so type your response in the comment section below.


CATERing to low self esteem with PILls wont bring you up to pAR

Let’s see what the caterpillar has to say about hard times …

“I crawl I crawl sometimes I trip over my many feet

However, it may take me two days to walk down your street

Oh woe is me!

And I’m hairy oh so hairy

To many I may even seem scary

Oh woe is me!

And soon, soon I’ll cocoon

So dark inside

Without even the light of the moon

Oh woe is me!

For such a long time

All I’ll get to know is me

Wait what’s this

It seems from the darkness I have actually gained true wealth

For pushing against the cocoon shell are extensions of myself

Oh growth is me!

This tomb, my cocoon

Has served as a private class room

Whoa! the subject was me!

My life is now sure to reach new heights

With my wings I’ll ride the wind in a new class called flight

Oh! the possibilities of Me!


Keep in mind WHO “designed” the caterpillar, the process of the cocoon,

and the transformation process, and see the metaphor in your own life.

With God we will rise one way or another! Believe it!


“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.”

-Buckminster Fuller, 1895-1983, American Architect and Engineer

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someone who could benefit by reading this.

How humble are you can you learn from a caterpillar?




Image result for BLACK MARRIAGE

For true love and relations

Two must have great communication

For this to commence

Two must embrace innocence

(see bottom for more explanation #1)

For communication cultivation

At least one but better two

(see bottom for more explanation #2)

Must assess tense situationsImage result for RELATIONSHIP CONFUSION GIF

Rationally and objectively

Not emotionally or oppressively

Recognizing that thoughts are elective

That two will many times will

Have two perspectives

(see bottom for explanation #3)

It is in this fact

That two must make a love pactImage result for HUSBAND WIFE fist bump

That no matter the perspective

No matter the test

Together through Godly knowledge

Both will find

What’s true,

What’s Godly,

What’s right,

What’s best.

(see bottom for more explanation #4)


Explanation #1 “Innocence”: You must approach solving problems in your

relationship with an innocent heart. There can be no actions based on

putting your mate down, or trying to rob them of self esteem. Or anything

intentionally negative. There also must be faithfulness, you cannot expect

there to be good communication if you are violating the commitment

between the two of you.  If you are doing any of this your are part of the

problem. It is already hard enough to see the negative things that are done

unintentionally. So if you care about your relationship don’t violate the

commitment and never be an antagonist or pessimist intentionally.

Explanation #2 “At least one but better two”: Many times it can be difficult

to be solution oriented in emotional situations. This is where at least one

person must be the captain of the ship to keep it from sinking, until the

other can see clearly to start helping. This goes back to innocence it is easier

to convince someone to help you fix the communication problem if you are

not being part of the problem. Your relationship should be a bond of loyalty,

protection, self esteem, hope, future, and family. If you have found

someone worthy of building with and you both see the value, then it should

be mutually understood that four hands work better than one.

Explanation #3 “Two will many times will have two perspectives”: This is a

simple but very vital concept. So far we have established the idea that you

have found someone worthy of building with and it’s mutual. Well, just

because there is a difference in perspective it does not have to become

emotional, if it does that emotion does not take away all of the goodness

that you once saw in the person. You have to understand that you both are

still good people having a misunderstanding about a subject, perhaps where

the kids are going to school, or what church, or what pass-time, etc. If you

are having a disagreement about cheating or flirting then your problem is

much bigger. However, if faithfulness is still in tact then you can move

forward easier and deal with the problem rationally and objectively.

Explanation #4 “What’s best”: Now this is a very elusive item to discover.

There is a process to discovering what’s best. A blueprint you can use is one

that has worked wonderfully for me in my relationship, and it is, using the

guidelines of true, Godly, and best.

WHAT’S TRUE: First of all when you look for what is true argument, and

emotion should cease. For example, in context, it is true that yelling is

destructive, we learn that in elementary school. So unless you are dealing

with an “intentional antagonist” you should be able to come to an

agreement on that rather easily. It is true that insults are destructive which

could cause someone to lash out and yell so either side should know that

they are doing damage to the relationship if they do it.

WHAT’S GODLY: We know that God loves us immensely, in fact he is love

personified. We have only but to think of him and it should motivate us to

treat our wife or husband with the highest level of respect, commitment,

and love. Thinking of what is Godly or what God would do should keep us

motivated to being solution oriented.

WHAT’S RIGHT: Finally, we know that remaining calm, being  grateful for

our wife or husband, focusing on the good, not being antagonistic or

pessimistic are all the  is the right things to do so these thing should always

be on our minds, in our hearts, and in our actions. Try using this blueprint

in you relationship fill in the blanks or “right, godly, or true” as it relates to

issue you deal with and watch how it become a little easier to find the


It is my hope that I have encouraged you to day. This poetry and concept can

be found in my book “The Book of Hai Clue” click to browse through it.

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inspire people to overcome their problems with concepts I have used in my

life and taught over the last 30 years. Also, please feel free to browse my

archives as there are so many other powerful articles I know you

will enjoy! Thanks for reading.



A 58 second summary of the three steps to self mastery under the Kingdom

of Heaven in Shu Ha Ri Do. The steps are simple consistency is not,

commitment to a code of honor requires focus, and daily discipline. Do not

be discouraged if at times it seems difficult to lead by example. If at times

you think the wrong things, commit to the process daily and I can promise

you there will be progress. Keep your relationship with God str

ong through

prayer, study, and application and your example of goodness will shine like

the sun for all to see.



I will try to keep this post simple by providing you with the supplement

and it’s benefits. These are supplements I endorse 100% and take every day!


I recently posted an article regarding the amazing benefits of BLACK SEED

OIL you can read it here.


I also posted an article about the powerful benefits of Chlorophyll you can

read it here.


9 Incredible Benefits Of Drinking A Cup Of Matcha Green Tea

1. Increases Energy Levels and Endurance

Ancient asian warriors were known to drank Matcha green tea before going into battle due to the tea’s energizing effects. While all green tea naturally contains caffeine. The increased endurance from a cup of Matcha Green Tea can last up to 6 hours without the side effects of a crash. Matcha green energizes and calms at the same time.

2.  Increases Calmness

Matcha tea is also a powerful source of the amino acid L-Theanine.  Theanine is an amino acid that has been used for treating anxiety, high blood pressure, preventing Alzheimer’s disease, and for making cancer drugs more effective.

3. Boosts Memory and Concentration

A positive side effect of L-Theanine is the production of serotonin and dopamine . Combined these two chemicals  improve memory, enhance mood, and increase concentration .

4. Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are responsible for fighting against the negative effects of UV radiation, and other dangerous threats. One cup of Matcha green tea can provide 5 times as many antioxidants as other average sources. Matcha green tea is loaded with the powerful cancer fighting catechin called epigallocatechin gallate or EGCg

5. Promotes Weight Loss

Worth the cost and effort! Need I explain?

6. Detoxifies the Body

During the final stages of development just before the leaves are harvested to be made into Matcha, Camellia sinensis kept away from sunlight. When this happens the plants experience a huge increase in chlorophyll production. This increase in chlorophyll not only gives Matcha green tea its beautiful vibrant green color but also makes it a  powerful detoxifier capable removing dangerous chemical toxins from the body rather easily.

7. Boosts the Immune System

Studies have shown that Matcha may have the ability to inhibit the attacks of HIV on human helper T-cells.

8. Lowers Cholesterol

Studies show that people who drink Matcha green tea are about 15% less likely to develop heart disease than those who don’t drink Matcha.

9. Great Taste

Many times taking things that are healthy and good for us tend to taste like medicine. However, Matcha Green tea actually taste great. It is very pleasant to sip on while you sit back on your couch watching Netflix with your spouse!


I hope you have found the three supplements I use daily enlightening. As

with any health and nutrition strategy you must commit to a long term

focus of daily dedication. You can find your own strategy but I encourage to

try the one I use why reinvent the wheel. My health is great because of this

approach I believe yours will be too. Until my next post Godspeed.



Wisdom from The Book of Hai / Clue

Greetings everyone I present to you another Hai Clue. This one is called…

Death and disease begins where?


Cheese, butter, grease, and fat

Food has no taste without that… right?

Why do we think this is so?

Because it is good for our body?

This is a resounding No

It all has to do with the tongue

If the tongue enjoys it then the battle is won



Of the damage that’s done

Consider a tube or a tract

That’s greasy and oily and packed

Image result for greasy pipe

Now how would you clean it exact?

You’d be using no oil or grease that’s a fact

To clean it you’d be in a rush

You’d use water soap and scrub brush

Inside you are hundreds of veins, tracts and tubes

That become impacted and lined with goo

Now how to be rid of this stuffage?

The missing link in our diet is fiber and roughage

Related image

Simply observe the “fast-aurant” where you’re resting (restaurant)

You’re sure to find oil that’s bubbling and festering

Take these truths if you would

Remembering that fast food may taste good

But does the body no good

Herein lies a profound lesson

Most death and disease begins in the intestines.


Now, I am not saying you should never eat any thing that is fatty, greasy,

buttery, or cheesy. However, it should not be the basis of your diet. You do

not have to be a vegan or vegetarian to be healthy. If you use moderation

when it comes to the things I mentioned as well as compensate with

supplements you will be fine. What supplements? Well hopefully you’ve had

read my previous article on the amazing benefits of  Black Seed Oil. If you

haven’t click here when your done with this post. In addition to black seed

oil you can use Chlorophyll as a blood purifier it also has amazing affects on

the body. Another item that I drink daily is Matcha Green Tea. There are

many other preventative measures out there however, these are the main

three that I use daily with great results!  I will be posting an article

highlighting the benefits of all three right after this one so stay tuned!




I am sure everyone that has a sliding glass door is aware of basic security

measures like placing a security bar in between the tracks of the doors. As

shown in the images below.

These are good deterrents for a criminal seeking to gain access by breaking

the lock or prying the door open. However, I have been enlightened by

someone who had a lifestyle of “breaking and entering”. This person who

will remain anonymous has since changed his life, and has shared some

insider information with me regarding some of his tactics. This will be the

first of a short series of articles  about what I learned from him. My goal is

to help you better secure your home from some of the breaking and entering

techniques he shared with me. Now, I am sure most of us have used some

variation of the security devices shown above. However, this person had

methods for getting around such devices. He would simply shatter the glass.

Now you are probably wondering like I did about the nose. Well, apparently

the noise is very minimal if done right. What he and others like him do is

stand back from the target and throw a marble or a ball bearing, this

method shatters the glass but keeps it intact.

Unfortunately, all a thief has to do next is knock the small pieces of glass to

the ground as he walks through. Criminals may also use a “center punch”

tool to break the glass, how a tool like a center-punch can be used to break

into a sliding glass door is clear in the illustration below.

Now, if you know one thing about this blog it’s, if I present I problem I will

also provide a solution.  Below is a simple window film that holds broken

glass intact. Although a criminal will still be able to break the glass, he will

not be able to simply walk through it with this film attached, not without a

major fight that will wake everybody up! So for your peace of mind I

encourage you to look into window film as an added security measure for

your sliding glass door. If you are interested in the window film click the

image below for more information. I hope you found this article helpful,

Godspeed in your safety!



Unfortunately we live in a  world where theft, burglary, and robbery are a

possibility. However, as many of you who visit my blog often know, I believe

in being proactive when it comes to not being a victim.  The mindset is

“refuse” to be a victim Knowledge is power

but “Wisdom” is knowledge applied. So it is my hope that you not only read

my articles but apply the knowledge I am sharing. Below are some cool ways

to hide your money, and other valuables in places someone would hardly if

ever think to look. Please scroll through and I am sure a smile will come to

your face as you look at some of these. If you already know about these I am

sure you smiled before and are smiling again as you ponder the deceptive

nature of these items, click on any of them to see more information.















































































































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