Generating power for striking II

In this video I show the first stance my students learn.
Although in styles many of us have trained in like Muay Thai,
MMA, etc, start in a fighting stance. I utilize the Man Sau
stance to teach my students how to generate power from the
ground without turning their shoulders.

Generating power for self defense striking

Inspiring tribute to Bruce Lee

As with so many, Bruce Lee inspired me so much. It started for
me at age 4 with my parents taking me to the drive in theater
where I saw Bruce for the first time on the huge building sized
movie screen! That time set a tone for the rest of my life. I love
him like an uncle although I never met him I’ve learned so
much from him. Of all the the many styles and systems I
trained in, his was the most mind expanding!

Cool Star Wars CGI of Bruce Lee from the movie Chinese Connection.


Shu Ha Ri Do from past to present. A visual timeline.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for taking

subscribing to my blog. As many know, Shu Ha Ri Do is a

martial art system with Christian values.  I would like to share

something with you. Two people told me when I was ages 9

and 16 that I would influence a lot of people to have a

relationship with God and be better people. I didn’t believe at

age 9 I can remember thinking it was a joke. At age 16 someone

else told me nearly the exact same thing. At that point I began

to consider it but still doubted the validity of it. As a look over

my life and the the hundreds of lives changed, by the code of

ethics in Shu Ha Ri Do, I can only say that what they told me

came true…

Thanks for reading, I can only hope that my site inspires you,

and that your interest in my work grows, as the Shu Ha Ri Do

evolution continues.