Hello everyone I wanted to share with you an excerpt from my book

“The Awareness Formula” there is vital information in what you will read

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The purpose for this manual is to establish in your mind a formula, toregain what has been lost in an artificial world where due to “pop culture”patterns we become more and more out of touch with this “lost thing.” You probably already have an idea what this lost thing is, well before I say specifically, let me tell you that the animals have not lost it. Take a deer for example; a deer will take about four or five looks before and during the timeit stops for a drink of water! Image result for deer drinking gifFor another example, have you ever noticed, days before a hurricane that there is instinctively less bird activity? On the other hand, look at us, mankind, we are inundated by the media telling us


Image result for they live tv gifall what to do, what is good, what is not good, what to wear, what the next trend is, and what to watch out for. Now, the media can be an effective way to inform the masses. However, when you are solely dependent upon outside influences, and are not able to use your instincts. This can lead to the decay of your ability to recognize threat indicators and process information, on your own which puts you further out of touch with this lost thing called “awareness”. You see I truly believe that a lot of what happens to us can be avoided with true awareness. I think if we were not so liberal and casual with our lives, we could be a lot safer. For example, would you consider a shark, a fearsome predator?Image result for shark gif

What about a lion?Image result for lion gif

Or a bear?

Related image


Well, we all know that when animals see lions, sharks, or bears they stay clear and are on guard. Well, ask yourself a question: who is at the top of the food chain? Man of course. Now, the reason man is at the top of the food chain is not necessarily because he attacks viciously like the lion, or shark. If that were the case, then awareness would be easy, for everyone knows the nature of the lion shark  and bear and what the instincts of these animals are. However, the reason man is at the top of the food chain is because man is not just a creature of instinct, man can also be premeditated and or behind the

scenes.  Ask yourself another question, if the victims of a serial killer could have recognized him as a threat, would they have still been his victims…?Probably not, as humans beings we can become so engrossed with our patterns like shopping, taking the children to football practice, what party we are going to, having a good time, and other pop culture activities that we lose our awareness. Now, I am not promoting paranoia, what I am saying is do not become so involved in your daily pattern that you lose or refuse to listen to or notice your what is happening around you. Moreover, if man is at the top of the food chain, he is also the #1 PREDATOR, ponder that for a little while. Thank you for reading this excerpt from my book “The Awareness Formula” if you like what you have read please give me your feedback below, subscribe, and share with your circle.




Image result for parables

Hello everyone, I just wanted to write

an article, to clarify part of my writing

style. Many of the words and phrases

I share are like parables. Parables are

like seeds. Jesus mentioned in the Parable

of the Sower, the different things

that happen to seed sown in different

areas. You can read the parable of the

sower here. Moreover, the contents of

the seed/parable are concealed inside

of the “shell”. The contents are not always

for me to reveal to you directly,

as you may not understand them right

away. This characteristic is what

makes much of what I say parables.

However, when you personally “crack

open” the  “shell” by doing your own

research into what I share, the truth

unfolds for you like a flower blooming.Image result for flower blooming gif

So, I encourage you, if you ever find

yourself not quite understanding an

article I post. Please, do your own investigation

into the subject and you will

see the truth blossom before your eyes.

Simply grab a cup of

Matcha Green Tea  one morning

and scroll through the

“Wisdom To Live By” archives of the site

and you will find so much to sift

though. I guarantee what you find

will have you thinking all day.


Image result for seek truth enjoy the



This IQ quiz has baffled many in hilarious fashion. Think you’re smart? Test yourself with this quiz to see how smart you really are.

The questions are case sensitive, so type your answers using all lower case. Also most of the answers will be numerical in nature, so type those answers using numerical digits not words. Focus on the question and have fun.


 Unfortunately in our society unreasonable

standards are placed on women

regarding what they look like and

how they dress. This I feel creates a

hostile culture for women I will explain

“hostile” at the end of this article.

Think about it, society pressures women to:


1.Arch their eyebrows 

2.Paint their eyelids

3.Alter their eyelashes

4.Coat their faces

5.Paint their lips

6.Color their hair or put in extensions 

7.Alter their breasts 

8.Alter their stomachs

9.Alter their buttocks

10.Wear painful shoes in an effort to look prettyImage result for WOMEN and painful shoes

11.Paint their nails

Image result for toe nail paint

12.Wear “baby” tees, tight or form fitting, low cut, high cut, or short cut,


All for what? To keep up with, or

compete with other women or to get the

attention of men. Here is a secret for

women, men will look at you anyway,

because they are attracted to you.

All of the extra things can create a high

degree of lust in the mind of a predator,

especially when it comes to sexually

suggestive or revealing clothing.

so be aware when you go out that men will

notice a pretty or classy woman no

matter what she is wearing. Moreover,

all of that seems like a lot of work to

me, and somewhat of a burden on the

minds and hearts of women.

Especially when us men do not experience

this kind of pressure at all.

In addition, although some men do put

pressure on their women to conform,

from what I have learned the worse

pressure comes from other women themselves!

This is what I mean by a

“hostile culture”. Women are

brutally critical of each other

to the point of some women suffering

from anxiety or depression because of

the pressure to conform. I have a

high level of sympathy for women.

However, with all of that being said.

At some point daughters will be

introduced to this and the cycle continues.

How do we break the cycle and

redefine what it means to be beautiful

or attractive from a more natural,

realistic, and rationale perspective.

It is also even more important to keep

our daughters from growing up into

this “hostile culture” to soon. For

example, we have all seen little girls

having a face full of makeup, or

dressing a little too sexy or

revealing more than they should.

Image result for little girls shouldn't wear makeup

A good question to address with children

is when is the proper age to start

dressing the way society pressures grown

women to.  If you think about it

from the perspective of a little girl

facing this in school, or being

approached by a predator, the benefit

of redefining beautiful, or attractive

from a more natural perspective becomes

even more clear. Here is my 4 part

summary on the matter. I encourage:

  1. Natural hair, anything other than that, be reasonable and DO NOT, attach your self esteem to it. IT’S NOT REALLY YOURS.
  2. Natural skin, if make up is used let it be reasonable, and DO NOT attach your self esteem to it. IT’S NOT REALLY YOURS.
  3. Reasonably feminine attire, that makes you feel good
  4. Regarding body shape, before you alter yourself with an implant, do everything you can to work for the body you want, you gain so much more as a person. If you do decide to go for an implant ask yourself “why am I doing this” do you have a reason that’s not shallow or based on societal pressure? If you do it you are most probably attaching your self esteem to it, but here is a reminder anyway, IT’S NOT REALLY YOURS.

What is your summary or solution?

Please leave a comment below with

your insight on the matter. Also please

tweet, like, or share, thanks for





Two top Shu Ha Ri Do students perform a combination of forms from various phases of Shu Ha Ri Do, including animalistic expressions from the “Fury Of The Birds” to the “Brute Force Of The Elephant”






As some are aware, in Shu Ha Ri Do there

is a CODE of ethics that should

govern how a student lives. This CODE

has biblical implications. In short

doing what is “right” is the core of the

CODE. Although everyone has flaws,

no one should allow discouragement from

a struggle to take root and cause

them to give up. Self mastery is a life long journey.

So long, as you continueRelated image

to consume righteous content, which

will promote righteous thoughts,

emotions, actions and habits, your

character and destination will become



Below is an excerpt from a compilation

I recently came across called,


What the author writes I feel accurately

describes how I feel about self

mastery under the Kingdom of Heaven

and the footprint I and my students

leave in the world.



A clear and firm head must precede

and accompany a clean and gentle

heart. Without the first the second is

impossible, for the qualities of purity

and gentleness can only be reached

through a clear perception of RIGHT

Image result for right and wrong gif

and WRONG, and by the exercise of

an irresistible will. The strength of a

powerful animal, or of that animal

force in man which enables him to gain

the victory over others by attack and

resistance, is weakness compared with

that quiet, patient, invincible will by

which a man overcomes himself, and

tames to obedience, and trains to the

service of holy purposes, the savage

passions of his nature. Every dog can

bark and fight, and every foolish man

can rail, abuse, fence with hard words,

and give way to fits of bad temper;

these things are easy and natural to

him, and require no effort and no

strength. But the wise man puts away

all such follies, and trains himself in

self-control—trains himself to act

unerringly from fixed principles

(CODE), and not from the fleeting

impulses of an unstable nature.


Need I elaborate on this? This is what

most moms want their sons to be, and

who most dads would want their daughters to marry.

This CODE I have embraced has taken

TIME and PATIENCE to foster in myself, such a CODE is

what I teach and live by, making

the Kingdom of Heaven proud.

Image result for patience

Watch the signs…



Image result for eyes watching gif

Such warnings in the Godly text we’ll find,

Image result for scroll

Can you see the symbols?

Image result for symbols and signs rule the world not
Can you discern the signs?

You may, with mind un-tempered, by societal guidelines,

You see,

Symbols and signs

Seen simply with eyes

Have societal alibis

Image result for sheep eating grass gif

Those seen through a spiritually educated mind

Tell the story of what’s to come, and

Most importantly, the meaning behind.



Thanks for reading everyone, I write this to encourage everyone to look

deeper into things that may not seem to be what we have been told. You will

find many times that things are not what they seem to be, that what you

thought was innocent and harmless is not at all innocent. Have the audacity

to look passed the “alibi” or “definition” given to you your whole life and

you’ll be amazed at what you uncover. Thank you for reading please

subscribe, share, and or comment.

Cave paintings…true or false? A MUST READ!


How humble are you can you learn from a caterpillar? Part II sort of…



I posted an audio version of this article. However, I decided to re-post this content in written form as some learn better by reading. So many in life are struggling with various things that serve to cripple their self esteem, and faith. In this Hai Clue I want to draw attention to the process of becoming. In God’s creation there are many clues to how things become what they will be. As human beings we must not engage in self destructive actions and trust the process. Being a willing participant in our spiritual growth guided by the hand of God is incredibly important. There is a hidden clue in the title below, can you figure it out? If so type your response in the comment section below.


CATERing to low self esteem with PILls wont bring you up to pAR

Let’s see what the caterpillar has to say about hard times …

“I crawl I crawl sometimes I trip over my many feet

However, it may take me two days to walk down your street

Oh woe is me!

And I’m hairy oh so hairy

To many I may even seem scary

Oh woe is me!

And soon, soon I’ll cocoon

So dark inside

Without even the light of the moon

Oh woe is me!

For such a long time

All I’ll get to know is me

Wait what’s this

It seems from the darkness I have actually gained true wealth

For pushing against the cocoon shell are extensions of myself

Oh growth is me!

This tomb, my cocoon

Has served as a private class room

Whoa! the subject was me!

My life is now sure to reach new heights

With my wings I’ll ride the wind in a new class called flight

Oh! the possibilities of Me!


Keep in mind WHO “designed” the caterpillar, the process of the cocoon,

and the transformation process, and see the metaphor in your own life.

With God we will rise one way or another! Believe it!


“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.”

-Buckminster Fuller, 1895-1983, American Architect and Engineer

Please like, comment, and share this with your circle as I am sure you know

someone who could benefit by reading this.

How humble are you can you learn from a caterpillar?



From Water to Ice

As some of you are already aware I published a book called Flex Fist Boxing.

This book illustrates a non-conventional boxing concept that I put together.

Although I teach conventional boxing as well, I feel the Flex Fist Boxing

concepts are incredibly useful in gaining an edge over a fighter who uses

conventional boxing only. The reason I say from water to ice can be easily

understood but not necessarily easily applied. It takes practice. As you can

see in the image above the HAND IS WATER and the FIST IS ICE. What I am

showing you here is how you should keep your hands open and calm like

water until the moment of impact. At the moment of impact the

“water” freezes. This causes an increase in velocity because in order to

“freeze” the “water” you must FLEX. Flexing is freezing! So think of it like

this “Flex Fist Boxing” can be visualized as “Freeze Fist Boxing”. Also,

although I call it “CODE OF THE FLEXING FIST”  I teach students to flex

multiple parts of the body upon impact. I am sharing this to give more

insight into my contribution to the martial arts world. No martial art has

the market cornered on creative elements. There are many great martial

arts instructors out there some of whom I am still learning from myself.

What I share is simply what I have to offer in Shu Ha Ri Do. It is my hope

that I have inspired you with what I have to offer as a Sifu. I will be posting

more articles to explain some of the other metaphorical illustrations of Flex

Fist Boxing. Please like, comment, or share and thanks for reading.